Beyond the 7th Door (1987)

Beyond the 7th Door (1987) DVD cover

director Bozidar D. Benedikt
viewed: 06/29/2018

Starring a cadaverous frog with a heavy metal mullet (Lazar Rockwood) and a game if oddly-clad young lady (Bonnie Beck), Bozidar D. Benedikt’s Beyond the 7th Door lies somewhere beyond typical movie making. Rockwood also sports a pronounced Eastern European accent and seems the most curious selection as a lead in a film.

“What the hell you wearing?” Indeed.

Right after Rockwood gets out of prison, his ex (Beck) drags him back into the crime game, targeting her bedridden employer’s castle-like mansion for an easy burglary. Unfortunately for the duo, they land in a series of traps, escaping one door at a time, in trying to get out with both booty and their very lives.

Straight outta Canada, it’s seriously a noble effort. Certainly ridiculous, it doesn’t lack in ambition. Rockwood’s Boris sports a charming utility belt of normal stuff that he puts to use, like a tape measure to try to retrieve something out of reach. It’s proto-MacGyver on a budget.

There is a certain class of us cinephiles that dig this crazy crap.

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