The Fifth Cord (1971)

The Fifth Cord (1971) movie poster

director  Luigi Bazzoni
viewed: 07/14/2018

A Black Day for Aries (Giornata nera per l’ariete) is much more giallo title than The Fifth Cord, though apparently the latter is the title of the book from which it was adapted. By any other name, it still kicks off with a stylish title sequence

That style bursts out in spades in the tremendous cinematography by Vittorio Storaro who would go on to work on much more substantial cinema with directors like Bernardo Bertolucci, Francis Ford Coppola, and Warren Beatty. Storaro’s camera obsesses over art, architecture, and physical space, and…oh, the story, too.

I’m not sure I’ve ever watched a giallo and not at some point wondered, “what’s going on again?”

Franco Nero is gorgeous but it’s all about the cinematography here. And that might just be enough.

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