Gleaming the Cube (1989)

Gleaming the Cube (1989) movie poster

director  Graeme Clifford
viewed: 07/20/2018

Remember when Christian Slater was a top listed movie star? 

A wonderfully hackneyed piece of crap, Gleaming the Cube is the best skateboarding kid solves the murder of his Vietnamese adopted brother movie of 1989.  Or maybe since.

1989: this movie came at the oddly wrong time to become the cult gem it possibly deserves to be. It’s also at this point a pretty nostalgic glimpse of late 80s LA, before  the Rams left (and came back). Tons of nice location shots pack the film.

The skating and stunts pop and impress throughout, thanks in part to the numerous pro skaters who appear in the film and execute the more interesting tricks. 

The portrait of Vietnamese culture in this point and time is rather deep and relatively progressive, an unusual and surprising flavor to this teen mystery on wheels. The latter part, despite some nice stunts, kind of devolves to TV level drama.

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