Blonde Crazy (1931)

Blonde Crazy (1931) movie poster

director  Roy Del Ruth
viewed: 08/01/2018

James Cagney is the sliest bellhop and Joan Blondell is his wise and game partner in grift in Roy Del Ruth’s Blonde Crazy.

This pre-code “romantic comedy-drama” is slaphappy and a total hoot. Like a lot of early “talkies”, Blonde Crazy spits patter miles and miles a minute, with deft gags peppering scenes with risqué business.

Cagney and Blondell are a plum pairing, tons of charisma and sparks. It’s unsurprising they shared the screen several times in their early years. Cagney just radiates energy.

These grifters set their sights on higher game in bigger cities, working their scams and earning their dough. Only sometimes the scammers get scammed, and somebody ends up in a jam.

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