Five Minutes to Live (1961)

Five Minutes to Live (1961) movie poster

director Bill Karn
viewed: 08/04/2018

Johnny Cash stars as a bad boy in Five Minutes to Live (a.k.a. Door-to-Door Maniac). And even sings the title tune.

This low-budget home invasion noir also features Vic Tayback with a head of hair, and little Ronnie Howard.

Most interesting to me in reading up on the film is to realize that the script was written by Cay Forester, the vicitmized wife and mother at the core of the story. It’s Forester’s only screenwriting credit in a career in obscure noirs and television.

Of course, the real appeal of Five Minutes to Live is Johnny Cash, who carries a certain level of menace in his role and a ton of just being Johnny Cash to his credit.

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