Countess Dracula (1971)

Countess Dracula (1971) movie poster

director  Peter Sasdy
viewed: 08/15/2018

I saw Countess Dracula back somewhere in childhood on non-cable (possibly WTCG/WTBS) late night horror feature. And it struck me. Old lady Countess Ingrid Pitt bathing in virgin blood to maintain an illusion of youth.

And boobs.

My guess is that they ran this one unedited (and not previewed?) I was at an age where boobs could well elevate a movie. It played either back-to-back with Vampire Circus which also had bare breasts on regular TV too, I believe. Memorable to an impressionable young cinephile.

I was unaware of the Hungarian angle, of the production team and director (and costumes), nor the real world legend that inspired it.

Countess Dracula bears a lush production and overripe score. Overall, not perhaps overly wonderful.

But it does have boobs.

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