El ser (1982)

El ser (1982) movie poster

directors Stefano D’Arbo, Sebastián D’Arbó
viewed: 08/14/2018

Psychophobia arrives in a rough print with an even rougher dub, courtesy of the nearly endless whimsy of Amazon Prime.

The bad dub would make this fish in a barrel for MST3K or the like.

“You load your brain with psychic gunpowder.”

El Ser, as it was in its original Spanish, came out in ‘82 yet feels more like ‘72. Though this supernatural oddity mashed up a decent amount of Poltergeist in its parsnormality. So it seems.

That said, it’s kinda entertaining as an unintelligible object. Definitely qualifies as psychotronic. Weirdness out of time.

A pretty definitive write-up is available at Bloody Pit of Horror in case you desire more details.

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