The Flying Serpent (1946)

The Flying Serpent (1946) movie poster

director Sam Newfield
viewed: 08/26/2018

Archaeology vs ornithology vs paleontology battle it out in The Flying Serpent from 1946. The great Aztec god Quetzalcoatl is a raptor-sized reptile with wings at the command of  Prof. Andrew Forbes (George Zucco), world famous ornithologist (how many of those are there again?), gets sicced upon anyone coming close to his hidden treasure.

There’s a movie serial quality to the whole affair, very much in its Poverty Row bearing. That said, the creature effects are not too shabby for a B picture like this, though Quetzalcoatl hides in the shadows a lot when he’s not flying and attacking people who hold one of his feathers.

One other interesting angle on this is the whole coverage and detection done via radio broadcast, probably around the end of the Golden Age of that medium.

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