And God Said to Cain (1970)

And God Said to Cain (1970) movie poster

director Antonio Margheriti
viewed: 09/02/2018

And God Said to Cain starts a little slow, with Gary Hamilton (Klaus Kinski) getting pardoned after 10 years hard labor on a work gang. But it quickly picks up, with the wind and tumult of a coming storm, both literallly and metaphorically. Antonio Margheriti stages the majority of the drama over one tornado-ravaged night in a small Western town

Kinski is the protagonist, if not quite the “hero” of the picture, slated to dole out revenge one rifle blast at a time. While not exactly “supernatural,” Kinski’s Hamilton is see as a ghost, a monster, “one miserable man,” working his way through his vengeance via outright slaughter .

And God Said to Cain does indeed play as a horror film, with an atmosphere of implacable dread and through the haunting ringing of the church bell.

Margheriti puts Kinski’s unusual visage to great use, casting the camera over planes and crannies of his face and lingering on his inscrutable  and vaguely tragic hooded eyes.

Good stuff.

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