Extra Terrestrial Visitors (1983)

Extra Terrestrial Visitors (1983) movie poster

director Juan Piquer Simón
viewed: 09/03/2018

Were there any half-decent E.T. knockoffs or were they all nutso psychotronic garbage? When I’d thought Mac and Me had to be the all-time E.T. knock-off, little did I know of Nukie.  Dig thine eyes on Extra Terrestrial Visitors (1983). Behold! Compare and contrast as you will, I dare you to say which one of these films is more bizarre and atrocious.

Extra Terrestrial Visitors was initially an Alien knock-off, but then E.T. happened and movie magic delivered ETV, an early 80s Eurovision mashup masterpiece of crapitude and mindfuckery.

“What a fuck up this back to nature crap is!”

I watched this not as the MST3K version which brought this movie notoriety. Perhaps more the shame to me.

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