The Killing of Satan (1983)

The Killing of Satan (1983) VHS cover

director Efren C. Piñon
viewed: 09/04/2018

“Satan! Where are you? Come out and fight! You’re yellow, Satan!”

More Filipino cinematic magic in The Killing of Satan. In this one, a reformed criminal is thrust into the crazy doings of a distant family member and ultimately into a battle with Satan himself.

Crime and villainy sprout up everywhere in The Killing of Satan. And our hero Lando (Ramon Revilla) gets shot at by thugs (and he and his son killed) in the city, but when resurrected and back in the smaller island villages, the bad guys are even worse! They have magic powers and shoot lasers from their fingers and are tied to the prince of magic as well as the prince of darkness.

It’s also infused with a wacky Catholicism throughout, but certainly a fairly non-traditional version. Can you imagine if religious righteousness (or even devil worship) really worked like this?

It’s not all gold but many nuggets abound throughout: the guy squished by the boulder, Lando slapping a snake around and then ties it in a knot, the snake guy himself.

All in all, some pretty nutso stuff, but I prefer the Eddie Romero & Gerardo de Leon flicks, personally.

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