Liquid Sky (1982)

Liquid Sky (1982) movie poster

director  Slava Tsukerman
viewed: 09/07/2018

I hadn’t seen Liquid Sky in over 30 years. I caught it more than once as a midnight movie in the early-to-mid Eighties. And the vinyl soundtrack passed from friend to friend through high school.

Aesthetically, it’s like Blade Runner on good drugs and a low budget.

Heroin, orgasms, euphoria as energy, art, pretension, performance, aliens, NYC, sexuality, plurality, and the colors…oh, the colors. Opiate molecules,  receptors in the brain. Hallucinatory.

New York City, but from above.

“This fucking city is really something.”

And Anne Carlisle. Writer-director-composer Slava Tsukerman’s brilliant casting of Carlisle playing both Jimmy and Margaret (though also sort of confusing) is a total stand-out. And that soundtrack, dissonant bleeps and bloops and her rhythm box.

Idiosyncratic genius.

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