Creature of Destruction (1967)

Creature of Destruction (1967) movie poster

director Larry Buchanan
viewed: 09/09/2018

Creature of Destruction, another Larry Buchanan B-TV-movie re-make of an AIP B-picture original  (1956’s The She Creature, in this case), pervades low rent atmosphere. Now, I’m no expert, but and it might not be saying much, but this might be the best Larry Buchanan feature out there.

I’d call it exactly half-decent, if you’re wondering what I mean. Les Tremayne is pretty good as Dr. John Basso, the hypnosis showman who puts his captive/psychic slave Doreena (Pat Delaney) into a state that evokes a primitive fish/reptile creature who starts a-killin’.

It’s not just a gill-man picture in this way but taps into the weird devolution sci-fi sub-genre in which past lives and pre-history is inherent in humans and can be triggered into primordial monsterhood.

Also notable is the Scotty McKay Quintet performing a few numbers. McKay was an obscure rockabilly figure who apparently briefly was in the Blue Caps before going solo and also apparently dying very young. Here, Scotty McKay even gets murdalized by the Creature of Destruction. Ironically achieving vague eternal life through obscure trash cinema.

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