Cards of Death (1986)

Cards of Death (1986)

director Will MacMillan
viewed: 09/10/2018

How many more “lost” films, so obscure that hardly anybody knew that they were even lost, will come out from the crevices? Cards of Death spent its brief moment in the sun on video in Japan before being re-released and given new life in 2014.

Cards of Death is a moderately high concept shot-on-video 80s horror flick that features levels of sophistication in many areas: story, aesthetics, acting, editing, FX.  That this Los Angeles production never got a U.S. release for 28 years is kind of astounding.

An underground club (of sorts) deals (ha!) in death and violence and weirdness, doled out through Tarot poker(?) eventually attracts the attention of detectives. Its heightened oddity started to remind me of a Herschel Gordon Lewis movie.

How exactly do you measure something like this? “SOV masterpiece” was in my notes.

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