Mirror, Mirror (1990)

Mirror, Mirror (1990) movie poster

director  Marina Sargenti
viewed: 09/22/2018

Yeah, I guess you’d have to suffer Winona Ryder-blindness to not pick up on Mirror Mirror‘s protagonist Megan as a total Lydia and even a little Veronica.

But  Rainbow Harvest is more than a proxy and exhibits genuine character in this possessed-mirror-teen-horror-thriller from 1990. Character extends beyond Ms. Harvest and throughout Mirror Mirror, crafting a meaningful portrayal of female friendship amid the vicissitudes of American high school life in the late 20th century.

Streaks of comedy run throughout, peppered with inconsistent satire. Director/co-writer Marina Sargenti’s film may have its shortcomings (its length is often noted), but it captures something much more elusive in the genres it inhabits, it evokes real feeling.

A very non glamorous Yvonne DeCarlo and an oddly wigged Karen Black flesh out the cast of characters around her. But Rainbow Harvest brings it, and her buddy Nikki (Kristin Dattilo) does as well.

Good stuff.

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