The Great Alligator (1979)

 The Great Alligator (1979) movie poster

director  Sergio Martino
viewed: 09/23/2018

Many levels and layers of racism and exotica bedangle Sergio Martino’s The Great Alligator. Sri Lanka (and Sri Lankans) stand in for somewhere in Africa (and some people of Africa), depicting an isolated jungle and river spot converted over to a tourist attraction for Americans and Europeans. I mean in what particular part of the world do orangutans and hippos coexist?

Still, the costuming is pretty nicely done.

You think a rubber shark is bad? Try a plaster of Paris crocodile. Actually, it seems that there are a variety of crocodile models used for different shots. Mostly, it’s the clunky giant jaws grabbing people, but there are some very inanimate models for the miniatures.

And yet, it’s still tolerably fun.

And the old Chekovian tenet stands: If you show natives blowing up trees n the first act, you have to have some white folks blowing up gators in the final score.

Crunch crunch crunch.

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