The Blood Beast Terror (1968)

The Blood Beast Terror (1968) movie poster

director Vernon Sewell
viewed: 09/24/2018

Prepare for disappointment. The Blood Beast Terror, while not entirely bloodless, does feature a beast, but assuredly evokes no terror.

Victorian Detective Peter Cushing investigates a series of intriguing murders on the outskirts of London. The victims, all young men, are found mutilated and drained of blood. And what would the killer turn out to be?

I’ll give you a hint: entomology.
(It’s a giant murderous moth lady.)

How do you market a killer moth? Ambiguity.

If you’ve prepared for disappointment, you’ll be met with what is certainly a decent if not overtly compelling monster movie, unusual for its conception of moth succubus and the potential bridegroom of the monster. Ace character actors turn in a number of fun moments. And odd interludes of theater and fishing pad this curiosity out.

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