Patrick (1978)

Patrick (1978) movie poster

director Richard Franklin
viewed: 09/29/2018

Patrick is a dick. Comatose for 3 years with his eyes wide open and glaring, he killed his mother and her lover because of sex. He’ll spit apparently at random, and though his new nurse Kathie (Susan Penhaligon) takes a liking to him, he starts sexually harassing her with his psychic powers.

Patrick is a stylish Australian sci-fi tinged horror film from director Richard Franklin and writer Everett De Roche.

Toxic masculinity abound around Kathie. She’s separated from her abusive, alcoholic, rapey husband, given little respect at her new job due to her marital status, the doctor her friend tries to encourage her to date is not particularly great, and then there is Patrick. I mean, getting harassed and threatened and endangered by an obsessive abuser in a coma is just unfair.

Considered a key movie in the popularization of Ozsploitation, Patrick is deftly written, unique, and also perhaps a little overlong. I’m not sure it’s all about how awful men are to women or if that trope just stands out so glaringly in our current day and age.

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