The Bees (1978)

The Bees (1978) movie poster

director Alfredo Zacarías
viewed: 09/28/2018

“You have to listen to what the bees have to say!”

It’s really hard to tell where the intentional comedy stops and the unintentional begins in Alfredo Zacarías‘s The Bees. Really, it’s kind of a farce.

At least Johns Saxon and Carradine and co-star Angel Tompkins seem to enjoy themselves, not taking the killer bee invasion too seriously.

What’s also quite funny, alongside many hilarious reaction shots of people to the swarms, is the amount of stock footage employed by Zacarías. Possibly the most ever since the 1950s. Including shots of Pasadena Rose parade and Gerald Ford.

It’s funny that Irwin Allen’s competing bee disaster movie of 1978, The Swarm, ranks among the worst movies of all time. The Bees is just an also-ran. It’s quite amusing crap.

Yeah, John Carradine really leans into that German accent.

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