The Devil Rides Out (1968)

The Devil Rides Out (1968) movie poster

director Terence Fisher
viewed: 09/30/2018

Christopher Lee and Leon Greene (an English Rod Taylor, am I right?), are demonic party poopers most foul in Terence Fisher’s The Devil Rides Out.  Why do you guys want to spoil Mocata’s (Charles Gray) Satanic bacchanal? Even a pretty cool goat headed devil guy shows up.

Richard Matheson adapted the Dennis Wheatley novel from which this came, apparently a personal project for Lee for whom the film would continue to be a favorite of his own works.

Satanic movies continue to intrigue me as a subgenre, in part because growing up in Florida in the Seventies and Eighties, they were not part of the typical stuff shown on TV.  Devil worhip flicks are also, ironically, the most Christian-themed horror genre, though potentially subversively. By having the embodiment of Christian evil as the realized horror, and by proxy the embodiment of Christian “good” as the power that conquers, really validates the Christian viewpoint, does it not?

But devil worship horror did not fly on the Southern TV channels in my day and area, I am pretty certain.

Cool stuff.

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