Djinn (2013)

Djinn (2013) movie poster

director Tobe Hooper
viewed: 10/03/2018

Djinn, Tobe Hooper’s last feature film is also the first film I’ve ever seen from  United Arab Emirates.

It’s a kind of Arabic Rosemary’s Baby for present day Abu Dhabi.

The odd vibe emanates from the inherent cross cultural nature of the thing. Conventions of an American horror film are also universal in many ways – how universal or not is why other country’s genre films are so interesting. Djinn is a U.A.E. product, but the brainchild of one David Tully and directed by Hooper. The cast speaks both Arabic and English.

Djinn is a true hybrid picture.

As a result, there’s a lot at play just in Hooper’s final film. The production is clearly not a super high budget, but it’s well made. The Djinn itself is kinda cool compared to a lot of digitally crafted evils.

It’s not the worst final film anyone ever made.

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