Always Shine (2016)

Always Shine (2016) movie poster

director Sophia Takal
viewed: 10/05/2018

Always Shine opens a little meta, in a script read focused on actress Caitlin FitzGerald’s face, intimidated by the unseen men in the room. This opening sequence is reflected with Mackenzie Davis, shot the same as way, though her dialogue with the mechanic turns out to be actually happening.

It turns out that these women are both actresses, FitzGerald a moderate success, while Davis has had nothing but struggle.

So nothing like a girls’ weekend in Big Sur to catch up and find out how much resentment roils beneath the surfaces!

Mackenzie Davis really rocks the casbah. Though FitzGerald is also good.

Director Sophia Takal really squeezes a lot from the material, much more than other films that run similar tropes. The ultimate doppelgänger angle, I felt, was the weakest aspect. Still, very strong.

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