Lord of Illusions (1995)

 Lord of Illusions (1995) movie poster

director Clive Barker
viewed: 10/06/2018

“She’s just flesh.”

It’s a shame that Clive Barker only directed three movies so far. Without a doubt, they are the most interesting adaptations of his writing into film, and a true auteurship seems at the ready.

Lord of Illusions places an affable Scott Bakula as Harry D’Amour (a character crying out for his own TV show), a detective who in this case, is working for magicians and illusionists, trying to separate the stagecraft from the supernatural.

Lord of Illusions has a lot going for it, LA noir, stagey glamor, weirdo cults, and some cosmic evil. And more explicitly than in Hellraiser or Nightbreed, gay representation.

It looks as though Barker is returning to the director’s chair, and that is hopefully a very good thing.

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