The Kennelco Film Diary started in 2002, really just to write down the types of things I end up talking about to friends when they ask me about what movies that I have seen recently.  So, though I have a film studies background, this blog is not really a very high-brow effort here.

It’s a diary.  That’s the format.  It details all the films that I have seen since 2002 and some of the thoughts I have had about the films.

I  live in San Francisco, and while it is not one the “top” film cities with copious amounts of film houses with unusual and classic fare, it is actually a pretty damn good place to be to see more interesting films. What I consider “interesting” might or might not be so to others, but that is the one true thing that I open up for my readers, my actual viewing history.

Keep in mind, this isn’t journalism; I don’t really check my facts too deeply.  I can offer mis-information from time to time.

– Ken Coffelt (kennelco)

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  1. Hello, Ken!!!
    I finaly went to your blog about which you e-mailed to let me know a couple of weeks ago! I am just browsing on it now, and looking for if there are any films that I have seen.
    I have heard about “SuperMan Returs” and know it is coming to Japan sometime in this year (I just watched the film’s main actor and directer for the film were talking about their film on “Larry King” couple of weeks ago. Yes, we can see that show here. I watch it very sometimes, not ofter, though.) And I went to ‘serch’ on your blog to look for the films that I like to read about in your blog, but I never succeeded to find your comments about those films. Hte films includ “Broken Flowers” & “Brokeback Mountain” which I saw in this year and “Closer” which I saw last year. I think I will go and brows your old site later. I might find there, hopefully.

    I haven’t found films that I have seen yet, soI don’t have any commnet on your writings for now (I just found I like to go see “Cars.” Supposed to be good! So I will like to read your comment on the film after I saw it). I just thought I wanted to let you know I finally accessed to your bran new BLOG and it will give me very big impact, inspiration, and motivation, which are all very important for one’s life.

    I will write back to your email as well sometime soon,
    Thanks for your letting me know about your blog. I was really glad.
    Talk to you later.

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