Revenge of the Virgins (1959)

Revenge of the Virgins (1959) movie poster

director  Peter Perry Jr.
viewed: 04/10/2017

The Nudist film genre isn’t perhaps the most fecund of genres in cinema, but the weirder they get, the more interesting.

Revenge of the Virgins is low-budget nudie cutie Western about a group of would-be profiteers heading into dangerous Indian territory in search of gold. Only the Indians in this case are a small tribe of topless women (all the men are dead), led by a sole blonde, who was raised by the tribe since birth. All of the buxom beauties are clearly Caucasian, and they’re also might good with a bow and arrow.

Topless Indians is one thing, but this film goes one step weirder and lives up to its title. At less than an hour’s running time, I hope you won’t mind the spoiler, but the native girls do get their revenge and murder all of the white people who came to take the gold. In fact, the “Virgins” toss the gold back in the river at the end.

This unintentionally semi-revisionist ending comes from writer Ed Wood, Jr. who scripted this thing. Oddly enough, the production values are higher than anything Wood directed himself, and vaguely more coherent, though also painfully derivative Western slang and terms abound.

It’s terrible and pretty darn slow, but I kind of liked it.