Hidden in the Woods (2012)

Hidden in the Woods (2012) movie poster

director Patricio Valladares
viewed: 07/05/2014

My personal debate regarding Hidden in the Woods, a Chilean film originally titled En las afueras de la ciudad (“Outside the City”) is whether you could classify it as an Exploitation film or not.  I actually think that one of the distribution companies listed on the film itself read “Artsploitation Films”.  Maybe that is what put the debate into my head.

Frankly, like a lot of horror films in my various queues, I can’t recall exactly how this got there, where I’d read about it, or if I just randomly stuck it there.  I think since there is an American re-make being made of it due to come out this year that I must have read about it somewhere, sometime, and queued it up.  In other words, I came into it about as cold as I ever come into a movie — which is kind of a treat.

The film touts itself as being “Inspired by True Events” and in that way, I don’t know if it’s any more specific than that.  Maybe that’s a modern aspect of potential exploitation.

What it’s got: rape, murder, incest, a deformed child of said incest, drug dealers, revenge, and cannibalism.  Really it’s a bit more gonzo than most other contemporary films that I’ve seen when it comes to its crazy gruesome subject matter.

The film isn’t that well-made, though.  Well, at least it’s not shot or edited too well.  It’s hyper-edited to the point that it can be confusing as to what is exactly going on.  It’s kind of a shame because there is something here, this story about two young girls being raised by their drug cultivator sleazeball of a father who rapes them both and even fathers a child with one, possibly feeding the child raw human flesh?  Again, not sure exactly what was going on.  The girls escape to a cabin where they are attacked by the drug lords that want their product back.

And of course they all cannibalize their assailants in the end, a kind of final primal response to their eternal brutalization and victimization.

So, I have no idea how the re-make will handle everything.  It’s got room to be improved upon, for certain.  When you want to go “out there”, you really need to go “OUT there”.