Wolf Devil Woman (1982)


Wolf Devil Woman (1982)

director Ling Chang
viewed: 12/23/2017

Pearl Chang (Ling Chang)’s meistresspiece, Wolf Devil Woman (a.k.a. Wolfen Ninja) is pure riotous nonsense, a glory to behold.  Maniacally edited, gleefully embodied, it’s Taiwanese wuxia like you never knew you needed. And campy as fuck.

The version of this available on Amazon Prime is right off a VHS copy with occasional glitches intact. That and the Wolfen Ninja version of dubbing, it’s a trip back to the days of video stores and bizarro, wondrous finds.

Pearl Chang led an apparently modestly successful career in Taiwanese television and film before branching out into writing, directing, starring in a handful of movies before disappearing from the known Earth. It may well be that she is a wolf-raised emissary from another dimension who can tear a rabbit in half with her bare hands, or even a zombie ninja.

She is wonderfully fun as the titular heroine, all-in as the lupine-minded superwoman come back to wreak vengeance on the klan-hatted and rubber-masked villains.

Too cool for school.