Best Films of 2002

Best films of 2002 - Kennelco Film Diary

Well, this completes the first year of my film diary. It’s been interesting to document how many films I have seen, to look at the variety and the lack thereof, to see how few films that I got to in the cinema, to which theaters that I have been to. Interesting to me, that is,…in a way of documenting my activities from a slightly more objective perspective. I don’t know how interesting it is for anyone else.

As for the writing that I have done. I hear from a few people that have proved to me that they actually read this from time to time, but largely I realize that I vacillate between thinking that I am writing for an audience and thinking that I am the only one who reads these words. Some of the stuff that I have thought to write about has been more interesting than others.

Regarding the movies, it’s been a weird year. I think I have seen fewer movies theatrically than ever before in my life, and conversely, have seen more at home possibly. Since I hardly even began to see all of the interesting films that came out this year, I am compiling two lists here for anyone that might be interested. These are the best films that I watched in each of the major formats that my viewing fell into this year. They are in no particular order.

Well, I thought I would write a more interesting summary here, but I have failed. We can always hope for a better new year.

Favorite Films that I Saw Theatrically in 2002
Spirited Away (2001) dir. Hayao Miyazaki
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) dir. Peter Jackson
Y tu mamá también (2001) dir. Alfonso Cuarón
The Bourne Identity (2002) dir. Doug Liman

Favorite Films that I Watched on DVD in 2002
Waking Life (2001) dir. Richard Linklater
In the Bedroom (2001) dir. Todd Field
Panic Room (2002) dir. David Fincher
The Straight Story (1999) dir. David Lynch
Time and Tide (2000) dir. Tsui Hark
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) dir. Tobe Hooper
The Devil’s Backbone (2001) dir. Guillermo del Toro
Artificial Intelligence: AI (2001) dir. Steven Spielberg
Donnie Darko (2001) dir. Richard Kelly

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