Best Films of 2003

Best Films of 2003 - Kennelco Film Diary

Last year, I had shorter lists, especially for my theatrical viewing since I made it to the cinema so rarely. And it’s funny because this year I think I went through long phases of seeing really mediocre stuff, nothing of note. But maybe I am just lowering the bar here.

I got to the cinema more often this year in no small part due to having formed a little movie club that meets irregularly on Monday nights, and the club’s general plan and schedule drew me to a lot of the older, revival film showings. Some of these were amazingly good and several were films that I’d never seen before. Modern Times and The Magnificent Seven were utterly fun.

The film that impressed me the most that I saw on DVD was Lynne Ramsay’s Ratcatcher. My favorite new release film that I saw was probably Lost in Translation, though I also enjoyed Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and 28 Days Later… quite well when I saw them.

But the best film experience I had this year was seeing the new print of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly at the Castro. I can’t rememeber the last time that, at the end of a film, I felt like jumping up and yelling “Fuck, yeah!!!” But now I do. It was there.

The following lists are in no real order.

Favorite Films that I Saw Theatrically in 2003
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) dir. Sergio Leone
Modern Times (1936) dir. Charles Chaplin
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) dir. Quentin Tarantino
Lost in Translation (2003) dir. Sofia Coppola
The Shining (1980) dir. Stanley Kubrick
28 Days Later… (2002) dir. Danny Boyle
The Man Without a Past (2002) dir. Aki Kaurismäki
The Magnificent Seven (1960) dir. John Sturges
Talk to Her (2002) dir. Pedro Almodóvar
Catch Me If You Can (2002) dir. Steven Spielberg

Favorite Films that I Watched on DVD in 2003
Ratcatcher (1999) dir. Lynne Ramsay
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) dir. Gore Verbinski
Morvern Callar (2002) dir. Lynne Ramsay
Intacto (2001) dir. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Bob le flambeur (1955) dir. Jean-Pierre Melville
For a Few Dollars More (1965) dir. Sergio Leone
A Fistful of Dollars (1964) dir. Sergio Leone
Dogtown and Z-Boys (2001) dir. Stacy Peralta
Jesus’ Son (1999) dir. Alison Maclean

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